FP Ultra Lite Foundation Insulation Panels

Often customers ask us about products to conceal unsightly foundations or simply cover them so they don’t have to paint them any longer. We have found the FP Ultra Lite panels to be both an energy efficient solution as well as attractive. The unique stone aggregate glued to the efficient styrofoam panels is a cost effective method to the problem of what to do with exposed foundation and basement walls.

Insulate and Beautify your home with energy efficient  FP Ultra Lite Rigid Foam Foundation Insulation Panels! These durable Foundation Insulation Panels will insulate your home and cover that unattractive exposed foundation with a durable and attractive, richly textured finish.

1” Rigid Foam Panel = R5
2” Rigid Foam Panel = R10
3” Rigid Foam Panel = R15


Nailite Vinyl Simulated Stone and brick

Another product we have used to cover foundations is the Nailite vinyl stone or brick described above (see simulated stone section).


Crane Board and Batten Siding

Yet another product that we have used as an under-skirting below the main body of the house is Craneboard insulated vinyl “Board and Batten” vertical profile siding.

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